Commercial Storage Units in North Carolina

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Why Choose Commercial Storage?

Local businesses work with us for a wide range of reasons - everyone can make use of clean, safe storage space!

When you’re trying to build a small business, space concerns can be a huge limiting factor. Building more storage space on your commercial property is time-consuming and expensive. Long-term leases of a warehouse can be both expensive and restrictive to a small business that’s just beginning to stretch!

Our commercial storage units are the perfect solution. We offer clean, secure storage space for your business equipment, inventory, and more, but we won’t ask you to sign a year-long lease to get it! You’ll get an affordable, month-to-month lease on your storage space, so you’re never locked into paying for space you’re not using.

Commercial storage customers can even take advantage of 24/7 access to our facility if needed. We’re proud to work with local businesses to help grow our communities. Get in touch or start renting today to lock in great rates on the space your business needs!

What Do Businesses Store in Commercial Storage Units?

Local businesses take advantage of our commercial storage units for many different reasons, including:

  • Storing extra inventory, anticipating demand
  • Storing seasonal inventory from year to year
  • Storing contractor equipment
  • Storing company vehicles (at select facilities)
  • Keeping legally required documentation
  • Storing patient information
  • Archiving contracts or sales documents
  • Storing office supplies
  • Anything else you need room for!
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