Expect the Best™

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Martin Self Storage

We’ve been serving our communities for over 30 years

At Martin Self Storage, we know how to provide the best storage in the area because we’re from the area! 

We’ve got multiple storage facilities in North Carolina, serving Wilmington, Leland, Bolivia, and the surrounding areas, so we’re always nearby.

You’re only storing items that are important to you - otherwise, you’d simply throw them away. 

At Martin Self Storage, we want you to store with confidence, knowing that we’ll take good care of your things while you’re away. 

We’ve implemented strong security measures to give you the peace of mind you’re looking for. 

Get started renting today to see why Martin Self Storage is the best option around.

Martin Self Storage

We’ve been serving our communities for over 30 years

Martin Self Storage Centers first opened for business with the first location in 1994 in Wilmington, NC which later the following year won the prestigious “NATIONAL FACILITY OF THE YEAR AWARD” (1995) given for design excellence and has been featured in many national trade publications ever since.

Known for excellent customer service Martin Self Storage Centers has grown to locations in North Carolina and Florida and for a period of time was ranked among the top fifty owners of self storage in the nation. Martin Self Storage Centers has also been featured in many trade publications and is known for adopting and branding the words “Expect the Best ™” which remains the motto of the company and is commensurate of what we feel is expected of us from each client we serve.

As a result of our 30 years of experience related to designing and building facilities that best suits the needs of our clients as well as providing superior customer service we believe that we have assisted in creating a certain level of improvement for our industry as a whole locally and nationally.

As a result we have often been imitated but we can never be duplicated. Why should you settle for less as you deserve and “Expect the Best™.

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